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What if the mobile Internet were a real place?

October 4, 2012


While there’s still plenty of porn and pop-ups (browsers have gotten the latter, at least, under control), needless to say, a lot has changed online in the eight years since Dave Chappelle envisioned a real-life version of Internet, starting with how we access it.

In a parallel universe where one of the Internet generation’s favorite comedians is still producing sketches, what would “If the Mobile Internet Were a Real Place” look like?

I imagine, something like this.

Even though we avoided some of the lewder areas Dave visited in his original sketch, the Internet is still pretty “disgusting and intolerable,” as he put it.

Poor users. At least the runaway pop-ups have run away.

Creative Commons photos by Flickr users coolinsights, drtel, thecrazyfilmgirl


Baltimore Blogger’s Challenge: Mr. Boh and Salie Utz are in a relationship

November 14, 2011

This somewhat out-of-character post is my entry for the City That Breeds blog’s Baltimore Blogger’s Challenge, which asked participants to complete Charm City’s most famous love story.

As the contest prompt stated, despite advertising icons Mr. Boh and Salie Utz’s very public engagement and wedding, other than this 30-second TV spot, little is known about what led up to them.

Fortunately, Facebook’s new Timeline feature fills in some of the blanks. Below are some highlights from the newlyweds’ feeds.

Disclaimer 1: This is a parody for entertainment purposes only and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Utz, Natty Boh, MGH, Facebook or any other brand or personality.

Disclaimer 2: If you’re not from Baltimore, none of this will make any sense. Sorry, hon.