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Kevin ‘KAL’ Kallaugher’s wall to fame

December 13, 2012


Editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher‘s work has appeared all over the world and in several different mediums, including real-time 3D. But it may never have had it not appeared on a British school’s old wallpaper first.

Or if the English were fonder of basketball. With playing and coaching in Brighton not as lucrative as in Boston

He even worked as a maintenance man tearing wallpaper off the walls of a local school—but not before illustrating the walls with cartoons. One of the teachers saw his drawings and put him in touch with an art director who, in turn, suggested he tried pitching his work to the newspapers and magazines up and down Fleet Street.

After a successful tryout, he was hired by The Economist, where he’s entering his 35th year. Not quite “Good Will Hunting” (Kallaugher graduated from Harvard). But, how about that?

KAL, also a longtime cartoonist for my employer, The Baltimore Sun, whom he started drawing for again this year, obviously had the talent, and someone probably would have seen it sooner or later. The point is, sharing, even indirectly, made it sooner. If you don’t know where to start, start with what’s in front of you. Tack it to a wall. Put it down on paper. Or, yes, draw it on wallpaper.


The ins and outs of introversion and extroversion

December 6, 2012

Susan Cain’s widely shared TED talk challenges extroverts — and introverts themselves — about introverts’ role in modern society.

Just because I’m introverted doesn’t mean…

This blog post is an answer to a prompt from the post “Introverts unite” on the [Witty Title Here] blog.

Just because I’m introverted doesn’t mean I lack energy. I’m glad you mentioned energy, though.

Extroversion and introversion are not about being sociable or shy, about being loud or quiet, or about being aggressive or passive. They are about where one draws his or her energy.

Why people have trouble with this, I’m not sure. It’s right in the words, which is Lesson 1.

Inside energy versus outside energy

The prefix “extro,” from the Latin extra, means extroverts primarily get their energy from the outside — conversations with others; music, lights or other stimuli; bustling crowds.

The Latin prefix intro means introverts primarily get their energy from the inside — thoughts to themselves, and enough peace, quiet and space to mentally hear those thoughts.

What’s that? “But I’m an extrovert and I need downtime, too!” Of course you do. Read on to Lesson 2.

The introversion-extroversion spectrum

Notice above that I wrote “primarily.” Introversion and extroversion are not binary traits. While too much will put them to sleep (what energizes introverts drains extroverts, and vice versa), even extreme extroverts need time to themselves. Likewise, while too much will wear them out, even extreme introverts need time with others.

Introversion and extroversion merely describe which side of the spectrum you favor. If you fall toward the middle and talk a lot, you and society may have labeled you an extrovert. If you fall toward the middle, and don’t talk a lot, you and society may have labeled you an introvert. Once such tweeners, if you will, learn what extroversion and introversion really are, it’s not uncommon for them to feel they’ve been mislabeled.

Wherever you fall, channel your inner indie musician and don’t obsess over the labels. Extroversion and introversion are not about what other people think, they’re about you, and where you get your energy, and how you manage that energy to live the best life, and to help others do the same, or, in short, to keep the music metaphor going, to sing (or shout, or strum, or hum) your song.