New consumers’ tastes and habits will be shaped by the mobile experience

May 2, 2012


Mobile first is already a buzzword. Before it loses all meaning, what does it mean? Anthony D. Paul of Columbia’s ADG Creative blogged some smart thoughts on the subject from an agency’s perspective.

The “mobile first” approach is merely asking us to stop assuming we need “a website”, “an app”, or “a hammer” and to return to first determining what matters most to our customers, our users, our administrators, and our businesses. Using mobile devices as a flag-carrier, their seemingly limiting screen size helps you to assess the most important pieces of our digital products as they relate to each device.

Good stuff. Now, what does mobile first mean from a user’s perspective?

I wrote the following in a Google Plus comment to another ADG employee:

Increasingly, mobile will have been the first introduction to computers for young consumers, the ones you have an opportunity to shape a lifetime of buying habits for. Even if they pick up non-mobile/tablet devices later, which is far from a certainty, their habits and expectations will be shaped by the mobile experience.

What does mobile first mean to you?

Creative Commons photo by Flickr user St0rmz

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