20 things I’d like to do in 2012, illustrated with Creative Commons photos

January 3, 2012


  1. Start something.
  2. Finish something.
  3. Do something with all the old newspapers I’ve saved.
  4. Take a cooking class.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Say “Thank you.”
  7. Say “Why not?”
  8. Drink a Baltimore boilermaker.
  9. Ride the Baltimore subway. (Growing up, I didn’t even know Baltimore had a subway.)
  10. Live tweet breakfast.
  11. Join a club.
  12. Christmas shop in July.
  13. Bake my grandma’s hot milk cake. (p. 179 in one of my cousin’s food books!)
  14. Hop in a mosh pit.
  15. Learn to code.
  16. Go on a photo walk.
  17. Go on a LONG run.
  18. Visit a new state.
  19. Write more.
  20. Unplug.

Creative Commons photos by Flickr users Magic Madzik, Official U.S. Navy Imagery, katerha, waferboard, Jeff Kubina, mandiberg, Jesse Gardner, allaboutgeorge, orazal, Matt Biddulph, HighlandBlade, Lars Plougmann, Calgary Reviews, pheaber, hackNY, nanao0x79, Harlequeen, davidrossharris, geishaboy500 and transp.

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