Google’s inside Baltimore businesses, takin’ 360-degree pics

November 1, 2011

City among 11 U.S. test sites

Google’s Street View – and all the utility, hilarity and controversy that follows it – has come off the streets and into local businesses.

Going live this week, Google Business Photos, attached to Google Places pages, lets users virtually pan, pace and zoom around the interiors of participating establishments. Baltimore is one of 11 U.S. cities where merchants can now request a 360-degree photoshoot by a “Google trusted photographer.” According to the service’s FAQ, sessions should take about an hour.

To start off, small businesses (no chains) like restaurants, hotels, shops, gyms and repair shops are most likely to be selected, according to a Huffington Post article. Private residences, hospitals and law offices cannot participate. Like with Street View, faces are algorithmically blurred.

(What about newspapers? Hey, millions of HBO viewers have already seen the inside of my workplace.)

I was able to find Business Photos views for three Baltimore area clients of another new Google product, Google Offers. (Thanks to @wheelsee for the Twitter tip.)

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