DailyDev: Custom 404 Error Page

June 11, 2010

DailyDev blog series thumbnail logo -- day 7It’s Friday, and apparently there’s some kind of big sports tournament going on, so, I kept today’s DailyDev simple. I made a custom Page Not Found 404 error page for my portfolio site — something I should have done a long time ago.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create the HTML page and save it in your site root as “notfound.html.”
  2. Add a line reading “ErrorDocument 404 /notfound.html” to your  site’s .htaccess file. (Error pages on non-Apache servers are configured differently, according to this tutorial. Site owners should contact their Web host.)

Here is the

Finished Product

Screengrab of custom Page Not Found 404 error page


  • Design one page, cover an infinite amount of potential broken links/typos/misspellings.
  • Make the error a little less jarring for users, provide guidance that may help them find a relevant page, maybe even make them laugh a bit.
  • Encourage (or automate [No. 6]) feedback so you know when your site’s not working properly.


  • You’re spending time making a page you never want anyone to see!
  • Many who do see it are probably just going to instantly hit the back button anyway.
  • If your Web server gets lots of requests for invalid files, a larger custom error page rather than the generic one can start nipping away at your bandwidth quota.


  • If your Web host has you edit your .htaccess file through a form interface, like mine does, you still need to make sure you precede the custom 404 page’s filename with a slash to indicate it’s in the root: “/notfound.html”.


  • Yes.

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