DailyDev: Timetoast Timeline

June 1, 2010

DailyDev thumbnail logoThis is the first of what I hope is many posts in my DailyDev (for development, not devotional) blog series. I plan to try out at least five new (to me) Web tools or techniques a week and share my experiences and finished products in this space.

To kick things off, I made a timeline version of my resume using free online tool Timetoast. While Timetoast is free, registration, or, a log-in via your Facebook account, is required.

Finished Product
Timetoast timeline screengrab

  • Timetoast outputs a Flash timeline (above) and html list version of the timeline (below).

Timetoast timeline list version screengrab


  • Super easy to use. If you can fill out online forms, you can make a simple interactive timeline in minutes.
  • Shareability. Each project gets own permalink, embed code. Built-in social media sharing, comments.
  • Basic HTML  tags including <a>, <b> and <i> allowed within descriptions.


  • Very limited design, formatting options.
  • Can add images only to title, events, not to timespans.
  • HTML formatting counts toward per-box character limit.


  • Take the time to add images to each event. It helps make the timeline appear a lot more visually interesting.


  • Yes. If you’re short on time, money or development expertise, Timetoast is a functional alternative to scratch-making Flash or CSS/jquery timelines.

One Response to “DailyDev: Timetoast Timeline”

  1. Daniel Todd Says:

    Thanks for the write-up Steve, I appreciate it.

    I’m hoping to get a couple of the cons out of the way soon! I’d love to give people the option to customise their timelines.

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